Titania’s Song

Titania’s Song to Bottom from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream The DREAM Musical

“The contradictions could hardly be bigger”

As Queen of the fairies, Titania, who floats above earthly delights, literally has her reality bubble burst during the comedy.
Overcome by the nectar of love, Titania falls in love with a craftsman, a weaver called Bottom, whose head was turned into that of a donkey. Titania falls thus in many respects from her ethereal heights to the deepest depths which is also reflected musically.
Again, Robinson uses classic styles: a deep, gloomy sound, above which the bright narrative and at the same time wooing song of Titania rises. This is a beguiling song. Impressive here is how strong the contrasts have been portrayed and how the intrinsic meaning of the text is thus musically illustrated.