John Robinson - Composer, Lyricist and Producer

John Robinson is a highly-accomplished musician and a prolific composer. His first musical was “Island of Dreams”. This was followed by “A Tale of Two Cities” which was accepted for presentation in “American Theatre” by CBS Television in Philadelphia, USA.
This resulted in the offer of a place in the BMI Broadway Theatre Workshop in New York.
The composer’s main instrument is the piano-accordion, and he has appeared as a soloist on both BBC Radio and TVS.
In June 1994, he was a guest soloist at the Sixth European Accordion Festival in Chartres, France, for which he specially composed and performed “The Jewel of Chartres”, the jewel being Chartres Cathedral.
His musical theatre works so far produced on stage are the musicals “Lorna Doone” and “Shipperbottom’s Rocking Horses” outside London, two ballets “The World of Bidlake Wood” and “Alice Through the Looking-Glass”, both in Theater Akzent in Vienna and the musicals “Behind the Iron Mask” (Duchess Theatre) and “Too Close to the Sun” (Comedy Theatre, now The Harold Pinter), both in London’s West End.
John Robinson composed the music for a sung-through version of the classic Raymond Briggs story, “The Snowman”, and has put music to the words of Beatrix Potter’s 23 children books. He also set to music all Tolkien’s verses (songs) in “The Lord of the Rings” (Parts I, II and III). This work was approved by the Tolkien Estate. The diversity of the composer’s work is further apparent from his cross-over style settings of many of Shakespeare’s sonnets, numerous Nuevo Tangos and a vast French Collection. To learn more about his music and production company, GBM Productions, visit
The composer set to music every word of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the above 13th Century Manor. A Concert Version and a Ballet Version are readily available from this major work.