Helena’s Despair

Helena’s Despair from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream The DREAM Musical

“Content, character, and music complement each other brilliantly”

Helena, who loves Demetrius, is unhappy, a little bitter and feels insecure because her love is not reciprocated. She is sceptical of love, even if she feels affection for Demetrius again and again.
This emotional fragility is reflected in the music. As with Lysander, the composer chooses here the minor key. So as to truly depict the character of Helena, the composer seems to draw on Baroque forms that are reminiscent of those in the opera, “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell. Ascending melodies in small intervals, for example, can evoke passages from the “Passions” of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Robinson produces stylistic musical forms, so as to underline not only through word but also through music, how Helena’s character represents the traditional behavioural patterns of men and women.