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John Robinson

John Robinson

Quite a number of my musical theatre creations have been based on the works of the classical writers Charles Dickens, R.D. Blackmore, Harold Brighouse, Alexandre Dumas, Lewis Carroll and, very recently, Mark Twain.

In 1997 my attention was drawn to an 18000 word story poem, “Evangeline”, by one of America’s most eminent poets, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This very dramatic love story was so moving that I decided to set every one of its beautiful words to music. This was my first piece of musical theatre which was completely sung-through. Following this I was encouraged by my Musical Associate, Ann J. Tait, to do the same to William Shakespeare’s most popular play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

I didn’t read the play through first, I simply started at the very beginning and reacted musically to the words as I read them. The inspirational journey had commenced, virtually 400 years after the play was written. Every day was a new adventure. Shakespeare’s story has all the ingredients of a “bestseller”: Love, Fantasy and Comedy and all that in a language and style that are unmatched to this day.
Shakespeare is timeless.

I now have two very large wishes – to bring this epic musical to the stage and having it performed to commemorate 400 years since the death of the bard in 2016 –”The DREAM Event”.

No one can criticize the story and words of the world’s greatest playwright. Does my music complement and add a new dimension to these?
Only time will tell.

Finally, “The DREAM Musical” is dedicated to A.J.T.
John Robinson
Composer, Lyricist and Producer